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New Album by Copenhagen-Based Violinist and Composer, Stensby, Fuses Classical Music and Nordic Folk

Danish Violinist and Composer, Stensby

Classically trained Danish violinist and composer, Stensby, just released album that bridges the gap between three of his greatest musical backbones: Classical Music and Nordic folk.

The fifteen-track album, Drifting Spaces, goes deep into the essence of Nordic minimalism–economical in detail, packed with powerful emotions of longing and melancholia but playful simultaneously due to the infusion of folk elements in these classical pieces.

"The idea behind this album, Drifting Spaces, is actually quite conceptual," Stensby said. "I had this idea that I wanted to merge three different genres. I love this classical tradition but always felt strongly connected to Nordic folk music."

In addition to these pillars of his musical toolset, he incorporated ambient electronic and modern textures, giving the pieces their ethereal quality.

"The sound of the album is the sound of Autumn and thoughtfulness," Stensby said. "Most of the music was written at night in my family's cottage in Sweden so that you can hear the darkness of the Nordic rain."

Stensby was born and raised in Denmark and spent much time in Sweden, where he was exposed to traditional Nordic folk music.

Stensby has released several albums and toured around Europe with his trio Fjärin and his orchestra Tako Lako. He has received two Danish Music Awards and has been nominated for an additional three.

Listen to Drifting Spaces by Stensby. The album was released under the A New Story label and now available for licensing through APM Music.



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