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Tiff Randol: A Mama in Music Among Many

Tiff Randol of Mamas in Music
Guest Editorial By Tiff Randol Composer and Co-Founder of Mamas in Music (MiM™)

Women have long been a creative force in the music industry. We are powerful creators and storytellers, but we often face numerous challenges, including discrimination, harassment, and limited opportunities. It’s no secret that historically the music industry has been dominated by harmful stigmas and stereotypes towards women. These obstacles become even more pronounced when we enter motherhood and we have to find a way to balance our careers with family responsibilities.

My own personal story is that I delayed motherhood because I was deathly afraid that my first baby, music, would be pushed to the side. Would my career be over? Would people stop taking me seriously? Would people look at me differently? Would I be able to balance my career and motherhood? Would I be alone? It was scary. And I would have put it off indefinitely had it not been for a female writing partner whom I deeply love and respect looking me in the eyes and saying, “Don’t make the same mistake I made. Don’t miss this.” It was at that moment that I realized how much I had let these stereotypes dictate my path.

In 2018, shortly after having my child Luka, I was desperately seeking an organization in the music industry specifically for mothers to support me through the huge transition and help navigate the challenges. While it was one of the most beautiful changes in my life and I was overwhelmed with joy, I also had postpartum depression and felt extremely isolated. I wanted to be the best mom I could be, without compromising my artistry. I also wanted young women to have a different perspective than the one I had. I wanted others to know that making music doesn’t end with motherhood, but I couldn’t find a place where those perspectives felt supported.

During my search for community I was introduced to London-based singer/songwriter Mary Leay, who had had a newborn at the same time. We connected through our shared experience, giving each other tips, discussing the challenges across motherhood and our careers, and we began dreaming up Mamas In Music. With little ones on our laps, we soft launched it later that year. Nearly five years later, Mamas in Music has hundreds of members around the globe and is growing rapidly.

It's been incredible to see the impact Mamas in Music is making. I’ve felt it in my own career as well. Knowing I am not alone, working alongside other talented, hard working mothers, and being a part of a community that understands and encourages has been a game changer for me personally. My most recent EP, “Isolation”, wouldn’t have been a possibility without the support of our community encouraging me along the way, as I moved into new musical territory.

I’m proud of where we’ve come as an organization and I’m excited to see how we grow. When mothers support other mothers, incredible things can happen. Perhaps for some of us, motherhood is an opportunity for a completely new and empowering direction in both our creativity and careers.

About Mamas In Music

Mama's in Music, an organization co-founded by  composer and APM indie artist Tiff Randol

Mamas in Music (MiM™) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a nurturing community that supports mothers in advancing their musical careers, particularly during the early years of motherhood.

It is our mission to ensure that mamas keep doing what they do best other than being a mother: make music.

By Tiff Randol Composer and Co-Founder of Mamas in Music (MiM™)

We aim to provide essential resources that empower mothers by focusing on creating work opportunities, fostering networking and representation, and offering financial and emotional support initiatives. We are committed to challenge the status quo as we advocate for equal opportunities for mothers in an industry that historically under-values and under-represents their efforts, contributions, and abilities.

We are grateful to companies like APM and MPATH for shining a light on the importance of providing opportunities to mothers in music. Ethereal Luminosity, our first production album, was released through these two outstanding companies dedicated to creating opportunities for women and mothers. Be sure to look for two new MiM™ albums, including a holiday album, slated for September 2023.

Mama's in Music, an organization co-founded by  composer and APM indie artist Tiff Randol

Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable music industry that recognizes and values the contributions of mothers. Your support makes possible programs such as production albums, song camps, workshops, events, and our podcast that highlights the amazing work mamas are doing. There are many ways to get involved with Mamas In Music. Please reach out to us through our website

Mamas in Music album featuring Tiff Randol

Listen to Ethereal Luminosity, an album by Mamas in Music, released under MPATH and available for licensing through APM Music.

Check out the Mamas in Music Podcast


About Tiff Randol

Tiff Randol is a composer, songwriter, vocalist, producer, and performer with a background in Jazz, Classical, and theater. She got her start in an NYC punk band and went on to write and produce folk, electronic, pop, and scoring for media and immersive environments. Her diverse background lends itself to a unique artist offering a wide range of creative styles and inspiration.

She wrote the theme song "To Feel Alive" for the YA hit film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and was featured as the lead vocalist on the score with composer Andrew Lockington, and conductor Nicholas Dodds. Her compositions have been featured in a number of films, television series, and commercials such as Masters of Sex, Ray Donovan, Work In Progress, The Fosters, Arrow, Flash, Royal Pains, The Lying Game, Barnes & Noble, Calvin Klein, and Gucci. She has also written music for renowned music companies like Massive Music, Lyrics House, MPATH Music, and APM. Randol has performed live with Moby on The Tonight Show, on Fox Good Day NY, Fearless Music, and featured and spoofed by collaborator Fred Armisen on Portlandia. She often releases production music through the moniker “Pretty Little Nerd”. and is the voice behind her artist project IAMEVE.

Her most recent EP “Isolation” is a cinematic musical departure from previous releases and was called “a stunning piece of art” by The Women’s International Music Network. You can listen here:

For more on Tiff, check out her website


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