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APM Music proudly presents our new APM-curated indie artist collection focused on up-to-the-minute names across key genres. We work with select, actively touring, and recording independent artists for whom we provide promotion and sync licensing opportunities.


Featured Album
Sophia Garvey

Track of the Month

"Blood on My Hands"
Beyond Unbroken from the album New Noise Vol.3

New Releases

Alice Osian
Trapper Schoepp
Carter Hulsey
George Dewhurst: Mixtape
Kavi X Tony Oswald
Praire Tales: Country Americana

Recent Credits

Why APM Music?

Morgan Rhodes

Music Supervisor

(Dear White People, Mixtape, Selma)

“APM was tasked with helping me recreate the sound of a teenage punk-influenced band practicing in a garage in the late 90's Pacific Northwest. What the production team created was incredible, we ended up using it for another scene in the film that featured an ‘actual" band’. Talk about sticking the landing!"

Mary Ramos,

Music Supervisor (Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Wu-Tang: An American Saga)

"APM is one of my most important resources. Especially their authentic vintage catalog, which is eclectic and spectacularly weird. (We've used ‘Funky Fanfare’ by Keith Mansfield a few times in Quentin's films). I love sifting through their website and listening to the selections."

Joe Rudge

Music Supervisor (Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Hillbilly Elegy, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon)

"APM is my go-to, they never let me down. As someone who digs deep, APM has a seemingly never-ending supply of amazing musical nuggets. I keep throwing curveballs at them and I always get exactly what I need in return."

Aamina Gant, Music Supervisor (Queen Sugar, Colin in Black & White)

"It is always a pleasure to work with APM on my projects, including Queen Sugar and Colin in Black and White. They consistently submit great tracks and I am confident when doing a search that there will always be something that lands in our episodes." 


6255 W Sunset Blvd Ste 900, Hollywood, CA 90028 • P 323.461.3211 • Fax 323.461.9102

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