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For Midnight Pilot, The Best Music Comes from Difficult Times

Midnight Pilot
Nashville-based Indie-Americana group, Midnight Pilot.

Midnight Pilot have been at the forefront of Nashville's indie-folk scene since their formation in 2014. The band was founded by childhood friends Grant Geertsma (Guitars, Vocals), Kyle Schonewill (Guitars, Vocals, Keys), Kris Schonewill (Bass Guitar, Percussion), and Dustin Wise (Organ, Keys) and quickly became one of the most prolific indie groups today, releasing five EPs under ReverbNation and APM Music. 


Their latest six-track EP, Broke Again, released at the end of 2023, contains some of the band's best materials, including the lead single "Broke Again." 


"I think that you make the best art when you're making it in a time of turmoil," said Grant, in an exclusive interview with APM Music. "'So, Broke Again' is kind of, yeah each verse is a different struggle, and I've definitely encountered those things in my life." 


Indie-Americana is a sought-after genre in the world of production music and the band has gotten numerous placements via APM Music, and it continues to drive Grant and Kyle to write and produce more materials. 


"We found out that some of this music can actually work really well in the sync and production world," Kyle said. "Through APM, we had a lot of luck with some really cool placements that have been really fun for us." 


Watch the full interview with Grant and Kyle of Midnight Pilot.  



Midnight Pilot


All tracks are available for licensing through APM Music.


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