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APM Indie Artists Live: Alice Osian Shines a Light on the Darkness of Her Dream Pop

APM Indie Artists Live: Alice Osian
Alice Osian

The world of Pop music is one usually bathed in bright pastel colors and joyful dispositions. From high-register synth stabs to chunky major chord patterns, this music represents everything safe and predictable. On the other hand, the world of Dark Dream Pop, through the combination of major 7th chords, minor progressions, and ethereal effects, conjures everything dark, mysterious, and unsettling about human existence. Yes, you can say that the difference between the two is figuratively day and night. 

While Dark Dream Pop resides in the dimly-lit crevices of its more flamboyant cousin, artists like Alice Osian intend to shine a spotlight on its beauty and power. 

"I've always really like dark tones, I guess," Alice said."There's like a difference between writing on a guitar for me versus like messing around with a synth or something digitally. That's when I start really getting into kinda more darkness."


Watch Alice Osian's exclusive performance of her song "Painkiller" live from the APM Music Hollywood HQ.


APM Indie Artists Live: Alice Osian

Aside from her music, Alice is also an accomplished jewelry designer. She founded Red Tail Jewelry in 2019, and her designs have become some of the most sought-after accessories today. She also does costume work, which is what really brought her to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara. 

A couple of her pieces were used in several TV shows and films, including the second Black Panther movie.

"I'd like to kinda bridge the jewelry-costume gap and be a specialty jeweler if I continue down that path, Alice said.


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