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APM Indie Artists Live: Lee Triffon Performs 'Mishehu' Live at APM Music's Hollywood Office

Updated: Feb 16

Lee Triffon
Lee Triffon

Lee Triffon is a Los Angeles-based Israeli-born singer-songwriter and visual artist. Her music is an amalgam of styles often compared to those of Bjork, Flume, and FK Twigs. She incorporates her unique visual art into all aspects of her music, from cover art to music videos to live performances, giving her audiences a multi-dimensional experience.

Watch Lee Triffon perform the song "Mishehu" or "Someone" in English. This beautiful song was composed by Matt Caspi (music) and Ehud Manor (lyrics).

Here are the words in English:


Someone, someone worries

Worries for me up there

Came and lit a few stars

And they fall one by one.

We are turning in two different ways

Day and night to their length

Tired and Hungry and waiting for a sign

In the paths of dust and time.

We'll meet at the end of paths and questions

We will meet at the end of many days,

at the end of a lot of nights

I know that

you (too) are getting close right now

The spring passed, the summer went, and the rain returned.

Someone, someone worries

Worries for me up there

Came and grabbed a few stars

Returned them one by one.

We are turning.

Lee has traveled the world and played in various music festivals like SXSW (USA), EXIT (Serbia), Primavera (Spain), Popkomm (Germany), Jue Festival (China), CMJ (USA), Culture Collide (USA), and Tune In Tel-Aviv (Israel).

She is also a proud Mamas in Music member and has participated in an all-female collaboration album with MPATH called Ethereal Luminosity.


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Eric Apoe
Eric Apoe
Jan 24

Beautiful Lee .

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