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APM Indie Artists Live: Dinah Thorpe Performs 'Winter Black Lake'

Dinah Thorpe

Dinah Thorpe is a singular talent. She is one of the most inventive singer-songwriters in the scene today who bends genres with words that dish enormous amounts of truth in unadulterated form. 


From bangers that contain words that could put a melancholic spell on any listener to minimalist tracks that evoke the vibrant joy of living, Dinah is in full control of her musical gifts that can change moods and conditions with a single synth note or one breathy sound from her beautiful, dynamic voice. 


Watch Dinah Thorpe perform "Winter Black Lake" Live from her Toronto studio. 


Dinah is also a dedicated activist, often incorporating her thoughts about politics and social justice into her powerful sounds. Check out Dinah's Profiles of Pride for Pride Month 2023


Dinah's music is available for licensing through APM Music. Listen to her album now. 


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