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Dayna Madison Dances to Her Own Music

Dayna Madison is a force of nature. The Southern California native is one of the most sought-after dancers/choreographers today. She worked for multiple top-level companies like the NBA and danced on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance seasons fifteen and sixteen.

Dayna Madison

As accomplished as Dayna is on the dance floor, she is far from done. She recently embarked on a new journey as a singer-songwriter and released a substantial amount of material to become one of the fastest-rising indie artists on the scene.

Last year, two of her songs, “Favorite Valentine” and “Feeling Priceless” were included in a Valentine’s EP released by the label Rhymez and a few months later, her five-track, self-titled solo EP was released.

Watch our interview with Dayna and listen to her amazing EP.


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