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Jazz Sabbath Live in LA: In the Beginning Was the Word, and The Word Was Jazz Sabbath

Jazz Sabbath Live in LA
The mythical Jazz Sabbath

As we draw close to Jazz Sabbath's two-night show at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood on June 11 and 12, we have seen a surge of questions about the origins of this mythical trio. Yes, there have been arguments about their birth akin to the intellectual debacle that has perplexed thinkers for centuries: The chicken or the egg: which came first?  

At long last, we have the answer from the band itself. It turns out, even before Black Sabbath, Jazz Sabbath was. This revelation has cosmic and existential implications that would excite every thinker from Socrates to Russell Brand.

Why Jazz Sabbath kept this to the public for ages, no one knows. One may suppose that this is how the band operates. They answer questions by posing new ones to create a vicious metaphysical cycle that will keep everyone sleepless for eternity. They are very much like Thelonious Monk's harmonic approach: dissonant, mysterious, unsettling, and unpredictable.

So here it is, the definitive answer to the dubious origins of the band Jazz Sabbath.  

In this documentary Robert Powell interviews bandleader Milton Keanes about the rise and fall of Jazz Sabbath, and the blatant theft of his songs by Black Sabbath.

Watch at your own peril. 

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Jazz Sabbath Live in LA

Jazz Sabbath Live in LA

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