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Kaptain Music and Colombian artist Yuri Buenaventura present their new Latin collection: El Kapitan

Kaptain Music and Colombian artist Yuri Buenaventura
Yuri Buenaventura

Kaptain Music and Colombian artist Yuri Buenaventura proudly present a new Latin label featuring the best Colombian artists today.

This unprecedented agreement signed with the Yuri Buenaventura Foundation and supported by SACEM will see the distribution of Colombian artists from the "Creasonidos" selection in France and abroad through Kaptain Music.


 With this partnership, Yuri Buenaventura seeks to promote his country's artistic and cultural creation, allowing artists to realize their dreams and show their full potential internationally.

It all began twenty years ago with a meeting between two men of integrity and passion. Santi, then Managing Director of Universal Music Publishing, became Yuri Buenaventura's publisher as he sought to develop a recording career in France. A singer-songwriter, Yuri Buenaventura is one of Colombia's leading artists and enjoyed dazzling success in France with his cover of Jacques Brel's "Ne me quitte pas" in 1996.

Over the years, Santi & Yuri became close friends and collaborated on numerous projects. Following the international success of the album "Vaya bien," recorded by Yuri with his band in Cali in 2016 for the Kaptain music bookshop, they decided to go one step further and create the El Kapitan Latino collection dedicated to Colombian music to defend the rights of Colombian artists and promote their music in France and abroad.


Watch the exclusive interview with Yuri and Santi.


This partnership also ensures the continued protection of the works in the collection via SACEM, which supports the project and guarantees payment of the artists' royalties. "Failure to respect copyright discourages musical creation. That's why this agreement is so important. When rights are respected, it encourages work and stimulates creativity," explains Yuri Buenaventura.

The El Kapitan collection presents a musical diversity reflecting Colombian artists' plurality. Thanks to its geographical position, Colombia draws on influences from neighboring countries, offering various Latin American musical styles. The country is currently experiencing a creative effervescence and is witnessing the emergence of numerous talents.

Four thousand three hundred composers and groups participated in a nationwide submission call via the Yuri Buenaventura Foundation and the Crea Sonidos label. In the end, 120 groups were chosen to record their albums. These artists were carefully selected for their talent and diversity, the collection's leitmotif. Indeed, geolocation is also a selection criterion. Of Colombia's thirty-two departments, thirty were represented by an artist from the collection.

El Kapitan presents a captivating and diverse range of personalities, from urban trap with Timbi Africa to South American gospel with Las Cantadoras de Puerto Conto to 17th-century Andalusian music with Sai Conde.


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