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New Library Day: AbacuSync and the demand for Indie Pop Artists in Production Music

A collage featuring AbacuSync artists.
AbacuSync's roster of artists

The demand for artist-driven music in production music is astronomically high, which is the primary reason for the APM Indie Artist initiative. The goal is to discover, produce, and release premium tracks from today's up-and-coming indie pop artists worldwide.

This month, we proudly announce the newest library in our catalog: AbacuSync. With two albums out, one of which is our current featured album, they are determined to meet the needs of editors and music supervisors with cutting-edge pop and cinematic tracks perfect for film, tv, gaming, advertising, and sports.

AbacuSync's impressive list of artists includes:

Watch AbacuSync's launch video below.

Listen to AbacuSync's albums and discover some of the best indie pop artists today!


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