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Suburbanoid and the Healing Harmony of Sound Bath Meditations

Sound Bath Meditations
Jim Trotta Davis, also known as Suburbanoid

In the serene realm of meditation practices, a captivating technique known as "sound bath meditation" has been gaining traction for its profound effects on relaxation and well-being. At its core, a sound bath involves immersing oneself in various sounds produced by instruments like crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and other resonant tools. One of its best proponents is Jim Trotta Davis, also known as Suburbanoid,  a composer/producer who conducts sessions in various retreats in California and around the country.

Now, Suburbanoid has brought the sonic bliss previously only available at his sessions to a wider audience with the release of his new album Soundbath Meditations under the APM Collection label. The twenty-two-track album features Suburbanoid’s peaceful sound bath meditation experience, including sound drones layered with Fusion Sitar, Tibetan singing bowls, Ebow electric guitar, Crystal singing bowls, gong, synthesizer, sound loops, ocean drum, Koshi chimes, and vocals.

Watch our exclusive interview with Suburbanoid as he talks about the music and his spiritual practice.

Sound Bath Meditation

All tracks are available for licensing through APM Music. 


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