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Wesley Williams: From Tapping on Tables to Topping the Sync Game

Wesley Williams
Wesley Williams

One of the most promising artists from Liquid Cinema’s artist-driven library, Inside Cuts, is Cleveland Heights, Ohio native Wes Williams.

At sixteen, he started his musical journey when his mother put him in a gospel choir and took him to guitar and piano lessons. His love for music, however, was way before then. At thirteen or fourteen, he hung out with friends and created makeshift beats in the most unusual places.

“It would start out with just me and my friends at the lunch tables beating on tables like all the other kids were doing, "Williams said. In an exclusive interview with APM Music. “But I wanted to put more structure to it and make my own songs and hear back my own recordings.”

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He pursued his passion for music, ingesting as much as he could from artists like Brandy, Missy Elliot, Anita Baker, DJ Quick, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Do or Die, and a lot of Marvin Gaye.

Williams got into production music when a friend introduced him to the folks at one of the best libraries in the business, Liquid Cinema.

“From the moment that we did our first project, I knew that this was a lane for me,” Williams said.

His hard work paid off when he first heard his first music placement on TV.

“It was just so crazy because the same room where I recorded the record, I literally look up in the same room on the TV and hear the song playing,” Williams said. "It was just so surreal.”

Aside from his production music commitments with Liquid Cinema/Inside Cuts, Williams just commercially released a seven-track EP called Here for Good Times, which reverberates with the powerful sound of this gifted artist’s soul.

Williams is going on tour this month to support his new release and will hit cities like Columbus, Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Check out Williams’ music under Liquid Cinema/Inside Cuts. All tracks are available for licensing through APM Music.


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