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APM Indie Artists Live: Sophia Garvey: All Eyes on the Girl on TV

APM Indie Artists Live: Sophia Garvey
Leeds native Sophia Garvey with her band performing "Girl on TV" live.

Sophia Garvey hails from Leeds, England, a city known for its ferocious underground music scene, which produced acts like The Kaiser Chiefs, Chumbaamba, Soft Cell, and Gang of Four. While these incredible artists are very much ingrained into Leed's past, Sophia Garvey is poised to bring the city's musical heritage into the next phase.

Edgy is an apt word to describe Sophia, among other superlatives. She pushes the boundaries of where her persona and music can go–an envelope pusher in the truest sense of the word.

Watch APM Indie Artists Live: Sophia Garvey performing "Girl on TV."

Sophia's self-titled album, released by Score Production Music and is now available for licensing through APM Music, captures the sound coming from the UK indie scene. Britpop 2.0? If it happens, Sophia Garvey will surely be at the helm of its second coming.

APM Indie Artists Live: Sophia Garvey

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