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Check Out 100 Tracks Used in the Docuseries ‘The Age of Influence’

Photo of Hulu's docuseries 'The Age of Influence'
The Age of Influence. Watch it on Hulu.

Instagram's new app "Threads," dubbed as the "Twitter Killer," reached 100 million users in just five days. If this says anything at all, it is the fact that social media will never die–with it, exposure to influencer scams and other perils of the connected world.

Hulu and ABC News Studios' docuseries The Age of Influence tackles these dark and dangerous activities by social media influencers who took advantage of their reach to deceive users.

One episode features Jebara Igbara, who went by the alias "Jay Manzini" to con his social media followers for vast amounts of money through cryptocurrency schemes, philanthropy fraud, and other devious means.

Another tells the story of Danielle Miller, also known as the "New York Swiffer Girl." Miller was one of the first viral sensations of the Internet, who became a victim of identity theft. Later, in her desire to reinvent herself, she became an identity thief and defrauded her followers.

The dark, cautionary tales in The Age of Influence are best told with music that enriches the scenes and captures the audience's attention. For this, the producers of the docuseries relied on APM Music's vast catalog and used more than a hundred tracks across multiple episodes, but for this playlist, we are highlighting the top 100. From dark drones to mysterious trip-hop beats, the sounds used in the docuseries brought the stories to a higher level.

Watch The Age of Influence trailer.


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