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Cinco De Mayo 2024: For Mexican American Composer David Peña, Mariachi Music is the Sound of Unity

Cinco De Mayo 2024
David Peña

Guest Editorial by David Peña

Cinco de Mayo is a day of Mexican culture celebration in the United States. Even though it’s not as celebrated in Mexico, it is an opportunity to celebrate an important heritage and culture present in our diverse American people. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Battle of Puebla wherein Mexico was victorious over France on May 5th, 1862.

Cinco de Mayo is also synonymous with Mexican music, especially mariachi music. As a singer-songwriter of the most beautiful music in the world, mariachi music, I am proud of my Mexican roots. As a Mexican American, I am proud to compose new mariachi songs that range from sones, huapangos, joropos, rancheras, polkas, and more.


I strive to keep mariachi music alive through new rich sounds and new melodies and lyrics while keeping the essence of the traditional ensemble and playing techniques.

Finally, Cinco de Mayo is a date of celebration of Mexican heritage and culture within American society. It is a connection that is felt through beautiful mariachi music. Music unifies people through its rhythms and sounds. When there is unity, there is less division. There is no other genre of music that is equally enjoyed by anyone and everyone. 


Celebrate Cinco De Mayo 2024 by listening to David Peña's Album, Flavors of Mexico. 

Cinco De Mayo 2024


About David Peña and Mariachi Jilgueros

Mariachi Jilgueros de David Peña was initiated in 2003 by David Peña, the musical director of this ensemble of young men and women. Their youth is mixed with various years of experience in the mariachi industry. They will make your next event an enjoyable time with their mixture of songs from rancheras, corridos, polkas, instrumentals, huapangos, joropos, cumbias, etc. This mariachi is considered the best in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County in Southern California.



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