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Juneteenth 2024: Power to the Music

Juneteenth 2024
Andre Writer

Guest editorial by composer/producer/manager, Andre Writer.

Throughout history, music has always been a conduit between art and people. 

Rhythms and lyrics, poetry put to music, is deeply rooted in our DNA. Growing up in a creative household with a producer/songwriter father and an actress/writer mother, I embraced the responsibility of creating music rooted in creative integrity. 


From the days of slavery to civil rights moments, black music has always held a significant place and purpose. As creatives, we bear the responsibility to utilize our God-given gifts to enrich culture and amplify the voices of the voiceless. 


As a songwriter, my aim is to craft purposeful music that sparks conversations and motivates people. Reflecting on a transformative moment around 2005, I discovered the 1972 concert "Wattstax," featuring iconic artists like Issac Hayes, Richard Pryor, The Bar-Kays, and Rufus Thomas. This revelation underscored the power of our voices and the importance of understanding our past to shape the future. 


Every era has its soundtrack, and I ponder what ours will be like. In this journey, I've learned to be honest about my values, roots, and experiences, contributing to the fight for equality and justice by being mindful of the messages we convey. 


We are products of our environment, but we must resist systems and circumstances that perpetuate unproductive cycles. Music, beyond defying odds, serves as a tool to shape new ideas and thinking. In observing Juneteenth 2024, reflect on music that resonates with you—a soundtrack for change. Embrace the challenge to be part of the solution, leading to a path of love and light that honors our ancestors. 



About Andre Writer 

Juneteenth 2024

Music has been with Andre Writer since his youth, recording his first single at age five. By fourteen, he signed with Motown as part of "4U." A San Fernando Valley native, he paused his career to earn a bachelor's in mass communications.  

Andre returned to music, working with Devante Swing, Naturi Naughton, and others. He also manages R&B artist Dayna Madison and has written songs that have charted over sixteen times as a songwriter and secured 250+ sync placements in shows like Bel-Air and films like Hallmark’s "Spring Breakthrough." 


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