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Mamas in Music Spotlight: Jenny Plant

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

a photo of British singer-songwriter-producer  and Mamas in Music memberJenny Plant
Singer-songwriter-producer and Mamas in Music memberJenny Plant

British Singer-Songwriter-producer Jenny Plant is a multi-instrumentalist with a soulful voice and a knack for writing music that resonates with truths and emotions. She is genuinely one of the most prolific composers in the scene today, with syncs in high-profile programs, including Love Island and Red Rose, and video games like Ghosts of Tsushima and Death Stranding, for which she won 'Best Soloist "at the VGMA Awards for her vocal work on "BB's Theme," the title track from the phenomenal video game.

Aside from all her musical accolades, she is also a member of Mamas in Music, an organization founded by Tiff Randol and Mary Leay that aims to provide essential resources that empower mothers to advance their musical careers by generating work opportunities through a shared network and offering financial and emotional support initiatives.

Jenny came from a music-loving family and got on early with singing tunes while her mother played the guitar.

"Music has always played a massive role in my life, you know, from my earliest memories of mum playing the guitar and me singing, and just in general, we always had music playing," Jenny said in an exclusive interview with APM Music. "Then went on to learn the piano, harp, and violin, and kind of did all my classical grades in those instruments."

Watch the full interview with Jenny Plant.

Jenny came across Mamas in Music on Instagram when she was pregnant. She was happy to find a community for like-minded people and a place to share her anxieties about being a mom and a musician.

"When you get pregnant, obviously, your mind thinks about career," Jenny said. "For me, as a freelance and composer, I had lots of concerns about going off-radar for a bit and people forgetting me."

Despite the early worries, Jenny believes motherhood made her a better composer.

"Being a mama, I have less time, so when I do work, I'm a bit more hyper-focused," Jenny said. "So, actually, I feel like I produced some of my better work, I think, because I am just not overthinking stuff, and you just got to get it done."

A few years ago, Mamas in Music released a collaboration project with the label MPATH, Ethereal Luminosity, which includes a magical track written by Jenny entitled "Alternative Universe." All the tracks in the album are available for licensing through APM Music.

APM just launched a new Holiday collaboration album from Mamas in Music and MPATH, and Jenny contributed two versions of the classic Holiday tracks, "Silent Night" and "Deck the Halls."

Listen to it now.

Check out Jenny's website at and follow her on social media:

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