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Meet Your Creator: Armand Amar

Armand Amar
Armand Amar

Armand Amar is a versatile composer of French-Moroccan descent, born in Jerusalem and raised in Morocco. His musical journey began with a profound immersion in the rich sounds of his multicultural upbringing, drawing inspiration from instruments and music beyond conventional European styles. He is a master of diverse instruments like tablas, zarb, and congas, and he studies various traditional and classical music maestros.


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A pivotal moment for Armand occurred in 1976 when he discovered dance through collaboration with South African choreographer and anthropologist Peter Goss. This experience opened up new dimensions of musical expression, emphasizing improvisation and authentic exchanges—a turning point that significantly influenced his artistic path.

Armand Amar's music is a mix of diverse cultural and spiritual influences, evident in his evocative film scores. Notable works include compositions for renowned films like Eyewitness (2000), The Axe (2005), and Eden is East (2009) by Costa-Gavras; The Concert (2009), Live and Become (2006), and The Source (2011) by Radu Mihaileanu; Days of Glory (2006) by Rachid Bouchareb; and Home (2009) by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, among others.

Armand's creative footprint extends beyond film, encompassing collaborations with choreographers in contemporary dance, teaching at prestigious music institutions, and founding the record label Long Distance in partnership with Alain Weber, dedicated to traditional, world, and classical music.

In a bold artistic endeavor, Armand composed his first oratorio mundi, titled Leyla & Majnun, which premiered at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music in Morocco (2011). This ambitious production featured a diverse ensemble of forty singers and musicians from around the globe, showcasing Armand's profound engagement with cross-cultural musical narratives.


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Armand Amar

Armand Amar's exceptional contributions to music have garnered numerous accolades, including the Amanda Award for Best Soundtrack of the Year in 2014 for A Thousand Times Goodnight by Erik Poppe, the César Award for Best Soundtrack of the Year in 2009 for  The Concert by Radu Mihaileanu, and recognition from The International Film Music Critics Association for his work on Home.

Armand's music transcends borders, offering a compelling fusion of global influences that resonate deeply within the realms of film, dance, and world music.


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