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Meet Your Creator: Ken Jacobsen

Ken Jacobsen
Composer Ken Jacobsen

There is undeniable power in a well-executed hard rock guitar riff that it can move the immovable. Such is the power behind the music of Ken Jacobsen, one of the prime movers behind APM's label Endgame. 

Endgame primarily caters to the video game market; hence, it is built around established genres that are perfect for the industry. From Metal to Electronic to Trap, the composers behind the label have a lot of firepower to bring video games to life.

Ken Jacobsen recently released three albums: Pensive Contemplations, Dystopian Descent, and Visceral Velocity, which he wrote and produced in three months. These albums display Ken's mastery and versatility in composition and musicianship. He made three albums incorporating elements of Metal, Ambient, Electronica, and Classical, all with incredible quality.

Ken recently spoke to us about the production of his three albums. Watch the interview.

And check out Ken in his studio working on one of the album's big tracks, "Off The Rails."

Check out End Game's entire catalog. All tracks are available for licensing through APM Music.


About Ken Jacobsen

Ken Jacobsen's musical talent surfaced early in childhood, encouraged by his artistic family environment. He started his musical studies on flute at the age of six, migrating to guitar at the age of nine. Raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, to a Japanese/Hawaiian mother, a Scandinavian Father (also a conservatory pianist, sculptor, and painter), and grandmother Ingeborg Jacobsen, the famous variety actress of the 1930s. Ken became obsessed with audio technology early when he received his first tape recorder. This introduction to music technology and his musical talent propelled Ken into the world of composition and audio production. 

As a teenager, Ken began to immerse himself with writing, producing, and touring with his heavy metal bands Dark Mission and Unleashed Power, pushing himself and his band-mates to new limits, combining his classical skills with the intensity of the times while injecting jazz syncopations, aggressive feel and odd-time signatures. 

Ken acquired advanced production skills working with cutting-edge technology under the tutelage of multi-platinum award-winning engineer Tom Andersen and producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Rainbow). His recording and touring gained him endorsement deals with Jackson Guitars, Bogner Amplification, Mesa Boogie, Cloud Microphone, Digitech, Gyraf, Tube-Tech, and others, as well as a beta tester for major audio companies such as Apogee Digital and Voodoo Labs. 

Ken earned a bachelor's Degree in Composition from the Mannes College of Music in New York City and continued further studies focusing on Media under composer Michael Patterson and Film Scoring at Berklee College with Michael Rendish.

Ken lives in the Los Angeles area and works from his studio, Sonic Gravity Studio. His work with Orchestral and Heavy Metal makes its way into scores for video games, films, and TV shows.


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