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Nazzy Dinero: Rap Prodigy is Up for the Big Payday

Photo of UK-based rapper Nazzy DInero
UK-based rapper Nazzy Dinero

Hailing from North London, Rapper Nazzy Dinero has been making music since he was eight years old and consistently wowed his neighbors with his rhymes and beats as he grew up. Now, Nazzy Dinero is one of the most prominent MCs in the UK scene with a string of accolades, including Style & Pattern U18 Cypher (2020), Link Up TV Hardest Bars Mixtape (2020), BlackBox Hardest U18 Cypher (2021), Fresh From London EP, and Universal & YUAF (2021) Youth Music Awards Nominee (2022).

This year, Nazzy released his outstanding EP Money Machine under Bruton, which is now available for licensing through APM Music.

Watch the exclusive interview with Nazzy Dinero, and check out his music below.


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