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Serj Tankian Launches Four Brilliant Albums for His New Label, SRJ

Updated: Feb 9

Serj Tankian

We can never confine great artists into a singularity. It is a grave injustice to label their work as something that should only belong within the boundaries of a specific sound–or worse, marketability. Artists will do whatever it takes to create beyond perceived limits–treading paths never took, thus creating new ones for them to explore.

This is the case of Serj Tankian, the lead singer and one of the songwriters in Grammy Award-winning hard rock band System Of A Down. Unbeknownst to many, he ventured into music scoring at the height of the band's popularity–taking his music to unfamiliar territories yet yielding the same incredible results. From traditional Armenian folk music to electronic ambient scores, Serj has created a body of work as essential as his output in his world-famous rock band. His catalog has grown so much that he needed to form an outfit just for his scoring work–thus, SRJ was born.

Watch our exclusive interview with Serj as he talks about SRJ and the albums he released under the outfit, now available for licensing through APM Music.

The music in SRJ is a true testament to Serj's remarkable genius.

Serj Tankian


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