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The Fantastic Music Behind Dungeons and Dragons – Honor Among Thieves

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was one of the year's most successful films. It garnered great reviews and made loads of money at the box office. This fantasy flick based on a tabletop franchise and later became a video game juggernaut was also buoyed by the star power of names like Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, and Hugh Grant.

Musically, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves had a specific requirement being a fantasy film. So, the task of composing the score fell into the hands of Lorne Balfe, who has talked openly about how big of a fan he was of the game while growing up. "I used to play Dungeons, so when I heard they were making that, I knew I wanted to be part of the team," he told when the news broke. "Because that was my memory as a child, playing it. So that's fun. And that's in that realm of – they are superheroes. That'll be a fun movie."

The film's soundtrack was released on March 31, 2023, and contains forty-nine tracks, with one song, "Wings of Time," composed by Kevin Parker of the band Tame Impala.

Track Listing:

1."I Wasn't Always a Thief"

2."Finding Zia"

3."Thick as Thieves"

4."Korrin's Keep"

5."Escape the Tower"

6."Dungeons and Dragons"

7."Journey to Neverwinter"

8."Reunited with Kira"

9."Forge Begins"

10."Sofina Starts"

11."That's Why You Came Back"

12."Into the Floor"

13."Execution Escape"

14."Be Gone"

15."Magic Show Melee"

16."Owl Bear"

17."Doric's Story"

18."Szass Tam's Story"



21."Down at the Cemetery"


23."Thayan Flashback"

24."Swear to It"

25."The Underdark"

26."Unlock the Helmet"

27."The Ruckus"



30."Swim to the Beach"

31."Goodbye Xenk"

32."Helmet Attuning"

33."Remembering You"

34."Never Stop Failing"

35."The Heist"

36."Forge's Speech"

37."Into the Castle"

38."Simon Does It"

39."Sofina's Trickery"

40."Entering the Arena"

41."The Maze”

42."Beneath the Maze"

43."Sorry Forge"

44."Turn the Ship Around"

45."Final Battle"

46."Fallen Foe"

47."A Red Wizard's Blade"

48."The Reawakening"

49."Forge's Tale"

50."Wings of Time" (written by Kevin Parker and Nick Allbrook; performed by Tame Impala)

On the production music side, the filmmakers used a track from the vast APM library entitled "The Keel Row," an old-world English folk music performed by the Catsfield Steamers that they deemed perfect for some scenes.

Taken off the classic KPM 1000 album Traditional Folk Music of the British Isles, Volume 1, this relic was a great stand-in for the moments that called for a historically accurate piece, which APM is well-known for.

Listen to "The Keel Row."


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