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Zak Schaffer Announces East Coast Tour with Onelinedrawing

Kinetik artist Zak Schaffer and Onelinedrawing announce east coast tour.
Kinetik artist Zak Schaffer

Kinetik artist Zak Schaffer is touring with fellow singer-songwriter Jonah Matranga, AK.A. "Onelinedrawing." The tour of East Coast cities kicks off on July 14 in Chatham, New Jersey and ends on the 25th in New York City.

"Well, Jonah and I attended grade school and high school together back in Brookline, MA." Zak said. "On this tour, I’ll be playing a lot of new songs."

Zak started writing new materials with his friends in Nashville, like Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright) and Bonnie Whitmore (local favorite who recently was on tour with Steve Earle).

If you're in the East Coast, don't miss Onelinedrawing and Zak Schaffer on the road.

Here is the full schedule.

  • July 14 - Chatham, NJ

  • July 15 - Somerville, MA

  • July 16 - Southbury, CT

  • July 18 - Portland, ME

  • July 19 - Arlington, VT

  • July 20 - Hammonton, NJ

  • July 21 - Lock Haven, PA

  • July 22 - Mechanicsburg, PA

  • July 23 - N Baldwin, NY

  • July 25 - New York, NY

For more information, visit Onelinedrawing’s website.


About Zak Schaffer

Zak Schaffer has been a fixture on the LA music scene for 20 years. Part sideman, part singer/songwriter. Apart from touring with Pete Yorn and many others, he released five records under his name and recorded on many others. Zak is living in Austin, playing shows, and working on a new album.


About Onelinedrawing

Onelinedrawing is Jonah Matranga, singer/songwriter of New End Original and former singer/songwriter of Far. Jonah’s explorations into private music making sounds as if you are in his bedroom witnessing a personalized performance made from voice, guitar, bass, feedback, and found sounds.


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