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APM Indie Artists Live: Ash Minor Performs 'Love's for Fools' and Shows Why He is a Major Talent

Updated: May 5

Ash Minor
Ash Minor

A lot of artists have taken the craft at an early age and through the years have honed and polished their skills to achieve success. Yet some are just born with it–musical savants who exert minimal effort to achieve a sound so great and unique it transcends natural explanation. This thing that some people call "X-factor" or "Je Ne Sais Quoi," is never shy. It exposes itself blatantly for all to see and experience.

Australian artist Ash Minor is one of the gifted few.

Born in the UK and then moved to Australia when he was young, Ash Minor effortlessly creates a sound that is so powerful and moving that people who witness his performances scratch their heads in disbelief, completely unable to process the almost spiritual effect.  

Ash recently visited APM Music's Hollywood headquarters and performed his song "Love's for Fools" live. The song is off his self-titled EP released by Kinetik and Def7 Music Group, headed by Jaci Kidd. The performance is so raw and powerful that it is impossible not to see the innate special something reserved only for geniuses.


Watch Ash Minor's performance of his song "Love's for Fools."


Ash has built a strong following and his regular shows every Saturday night at Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood are always packed with fans and newcomers who want to catch a glimpse of the budding star before he explodes globally.


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