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APM Indie Artists Live: For Cassie Boettcher, Music is the Language of the Heart

Cassie Boettcher
Cassie Boettcher

Music is an art form that directly makes its creator open and vulnerable to the world. Every musical artist knows that in every performance, a piece of their heart goes out with every sound they make either from their body or their instruments. A song or a piece is an extension of the artist's being. Yes, when it comes to music, everything is personal.

If there's one artist who embodies the most, it's singer-songwriter Cassie Boettcher (bet-chur). Born and raised in Milwaukee and now living in Los Angeles, Cassie wears her heart on every note she writes, plays, and sings. Her complete devotion to her craft explains her continued success in her field. Her music has been heard on television shows and in films, including the hit video game Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Cassie was part of two compilation albums released by ReverbNation Music: I Heart Pop Too, and Wisconsin Pop Rock Volume 1, both available for licensing through APM Music.

Cassie visited the APM Music headquarters in Hollywood, and performed her song, "Trying to Move On (Rebekah's Song)."


Watch Cassie Boettcher's  Live Performance 



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