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APM Music Hosts First New York Indie Artists Showcase Featuring Top Female Artists

Indie Artists Showcase

APM Music's incredible roster of female indie artists was in full display last Friday, March 22nd, at The Parkside Lounge in New York City.

British indie rocker and style maven Sophia Garvey opened the show with her hit single "Late Nights" followed by a string of numbers that highlighted her powerful vocals, enigmatic stage presence, and inspired songwriting. She closed her set with a cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walking" that seamlessly transitioned into her other hit "Girl on TV."  

Sophia Garvey. Photos by Sheryl Reyes


New York-based Hip-Hop artist Jakk Blakk took the stage next and brought the house down with her impeccable rhymes and hot beats. Her ten-song set loaded with anthemic tracks like "New York Anthem," "Lit Tonight," and "We're Taking What's Ours" compelled the crowd to take the dance floor and vibe to her amazing music. 

Jakk Blakk. Photos by Sheryl Reyes


Emily Gabriele, also from New York, and currently hailed as one of the best indie rock artists in the scene today, closed the show with her brand of rock that takes inspiration from the in-your-face grunge of 1990s Alanis Morissette and infuses it with the Gen Z punk rock stylings of Olivia Rodrigo. A versatile artist with a powerful voice and a gift of crafting songs that go straight for the jugular, Emily powered through her set with unforgettable songs such as "Hello," "Here Comes Trouble," and "Snakebite."

Emily Gabriele. Photos by Sheryl Reyes


Watch the highlights from APM Music's Indie Artist Showcase in New York. 


APM Music's Indie Artists Showcase Series shines a spotlight on its vast catalog of artist-driven music in various trending genres from Pop to Hip-Hop to EDM to Indie Rock.  


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