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Bak-Ibsen's 'Moments in Time' Album Evokes Massive Emotions with Minimal Sounds

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Bak-Ibsen. composers of the album Moments in Time from A New Story.
Bak-Ibsen. composers of the album Moments in Time from A New Story.

In a current culture that is defined by an oversupply of information, content, emotions, and choices, there is a genuine longing for anything pure and simple. Two Danish composers musically achieved this in their new album called Moments in Time, released under the brand-new label, A New Story, helmed by Copenhagen-based company Upright Music – the same ones that run the magnificent Stereo Royale label.

The album comprises twelve tracks and includes alternate versions from underscores to cutdowns. Stems are also available.

The music in A Moment in Time shines without blinding, builds without growing, and hits without hurting. It is a minimalist masterpiece.

Listen to the album now.


A Moment in Time

  • Track listing

  • Dawning Hills

  • Solemn Night

  • Drifting Hope

  • Peaceful Rain

  • Lake of Beauty

  • Sorrow from the Past

  • Circle of Life

  • Time Passing By

  • Stillness of Spirit

  • Another World

  • Lost Horizon

  • Everything Will Be Fine


About Bak-Ibsen

Bak-Ibsen consists of two well-established Danish film composers Frans Bak and Keld Haaning Ibsen.

Frans Bak has over thirty years of experience scoring for the film, TV, and advertising industries. He has received international critical acclaim for his compositions for Nordic, French, American, and British TV series. He is known for experimenting with music, fusing his classical training with different genres, sounds, and modern technologies, and in doing so, carving out a unique sound through his compositions – ambient, melodic, and atmospheric.

Keld Haaning Ibsen started working with Frans Bak in 2008, where Keld originally functioned as Frans' assistant, arranging and editing the music Frans composed. Today, Keld is a composer in his own right – with a creative drive and curiosity towards the intellectual and technical aspects of the expression of music – and the two now work together as equals on shared projects.

Bak-Ibsen are most known for their work on crime series like Forbrydelsen (DK) (The Killing (US)), Dr. Foster (UK), and Disparue (FR) – but they've worked across many genres and done theatre and live concerts as well.

Moments In Time is a result of their mutual work – an album of 12 tracks that encapsulates calm moments and hopefully gives the listener a moment of reflection.


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