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Get Your Summer Vibe on with ‘Summer Road,’ a New Album from Kaptain Music

Summer Road
Summer Road, the new album from Kaptain Music

It’s August, and summer is in full hot swing. Everyone is traveling to exquisite locations after over two years of immobility – call it revenge travel.

The same is true for content creators and companies – summer programming is everywhere, from short-form videos to commercials to movies and television shows. And nothing brings content to life than music that exudes the good vibes that only summer can bring.

French production music specialists Kaptain knows this very well, so they released an album titled Summer Road, loaded with tracks that genuinely define the season.

The album has twenty tracks, half featuring beautiful vocals in various genres, from Folk to Electro Pop to Soul and Hip-Hop, perfect for ads, spots, promos, films, TV shows, and social media content. Underscores, instrumentals, and stems are also available.

Here are some album highlights:

  • “I Want to Run Away (Vocals)”

  • “Break Ups (Vocals)”

  • “California Road”

  • “Dreaming Out Loud (Vocals)”

  • “Call Me Back (Vocals)”

Summer Vibes


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