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Laplage: A New Wave of French Composers Has Finally Reached the Shore

A photo of Laplage's production music studio in Paris.
Laplage's production music studio in Paris.

Brothers Emmanuel and Sébastien Lipszyc are two of the most sought-after composers in the production music space today. The Paris-based duo recently formed a crew of composers called Laplage. They have collaborated with some of the best in the industry, including the London Symphony Orchestra, Raf Simons, Alan Meyerson (Hans Zimmer), Steven Price (Gravity), Mathieu Chedid, Lewis Offman, Franck Lascombes, Stuart Price (Beyoncé / Jay Z), Breakbot, Isabelle Adjani, Malik Djoudi, kids Return, French Size, Sinclair, Philip Starck, and Matt Scheffer (Kendrick Lamar).

Laplage won over fifty industry awards for the stellar music they produced for film, television, and advertising.

Now, the French production music label Kaptain is proud to present the first albums of its new collection produced by Laplage.

Since its establishment, the Laplage collective has established itself as a force in the European production music scene.

"What characterizes our music is our obsession with sound texture," Sébastien said. "Sound is as important as composition, whether in the experimentation of microphone placement for acoustic recordings to analog synthesis or how we work on textures up to the mixing," Emmanuel added.

The collaboration with Kaptain Music is a "Carte Blanche." Each album explores a style of music filled with passion, sincerity, and artistry.

Check out the Laplage's music. All tracks are available for licensing through APM Music.


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