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Meet Andrea Obeid, the Woman Behind the Infectious Track, ‘Best Day.’

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Andrea Obeid, the woman behind the feel-good track,"Best Day."

Occasionally, a song comes along that perks you up instantly. Think “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles or “Mr. Blue Sky by ELO, a song scientifically proven to be the happiest song ever written.

One song that shares the same DNA as the examples above is “Best Day,” a song full sunshine and positive vibes that is a strong candidate for Song of the Summer.

The woman behind the wonderful song is Montreal-born singer-songwriter, Andrea Obeid, who sang lead vocals and co-wrote the tune alongside James Oliver and Vance Westlake.

Andrea grew up in a musical family and started singing when she was only three years old. She studied classical voice in college and recently launched her music career.

She was on a mini vacation by the ocean when James sent her the brief and instrumental to what would become “Best Day.”

“It was honestly the perfect setup to write such a feel-good song,” Andrea said.

Andrea got into production music basically through the strength of her reputation as a singer. She recorded vocals for a production music outfit, and her performance was so good that she started getting calls from other producers to track vocals in various genres.

A versatile songwriter, Andrea strikes a careful balance between the music she writes for her personal projects and those for production music.

“When I work on my own projects, I like to be more specific with the lyrics–maybe a bit darker–and I don’t shy away from profanity,” Andrea said. “But when I work on production music, I try to keep it broader while delivering one specific feeling without being cheesy.”

As AI starts gaining ground, the creative community is starting to feel threatened by its capabilities, Andrea, however, doesn’t feel the same. She believes AI can do wonderful things but can never replicate human creativity–imperfections and all.

“A computer is so specific–so perfect,” Andrea said. “But I find the imperfection and flaws of a human to be beautiful."

If anything, AI can inspire her to write better.

Like many artists who are hustling to get into the game, Andrea loves how technology opened the doors to anyone who wants a career in music. Gone are the old gatekeepers who dictate who should be seen and heard.

“There should never be a roadblock for anyone who wants to share their music and creativity with their friends, family, or the world,” Andrea said. “The more open it is, the more people will do it, and you will be looked at in a good or bad way. But if you believe in your work, then it shouldn’t matter.”

Andrea is a busy woman. She does about ten recording sessions per week either for production music projects, TikTok covers, or her personal stuff. She has three Spotify pages highlighting her body of work.

The industry is saturated with talent and sometimes getting that break can be hard to come by. In addition, the reality of hitting a creative and motivational wall can add to the frustrations for any aspiring artist. For Andrea, however, these are all part of the deal. One must embrace and accept these to succeed.

“Like with anything, there will be moments of self-doubt and lack of creativity,” Andrea admitted. “Singing and songwriting aren’t constant rides. But don’t let those moments make you stop. The harder and more consistently you work, the more opportunities you’ll create for yourself. And there will be many things you’ll be proud of, so keep at it.

“Best Day is the lead track of the album Best Life.”

Released by Hooked and now available for licensing through APM Music.

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