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Monsterboy LIVES To Play TXAR House on December 16

A photo of Veronica and Chris from the band Monsterboy LIVES
Veronica and Chris of Monsterboy LIVES

APM Indie Artist Monsterboy LIVES will play TXAR House in Rogers, Arkansas, on December 16. The husband-and-wife duo of Veronica Wirges and Chris Long endeared audiences with their unique sound, which mixes indie pop and blues rock. Both multi-instrumentalists, Veronica is particularly proud of hauling and playing a 100-year-old bass saxophone and a silver accordion from the Jazz age. On the other hand, Chris uses guitars and keyboards from the 1960s. Their extensive use of antique instruments gives the band a unique sound worth checking out.

More info on their TXAR House gig HERE.

Monsterboy LIVES will release new material under APM's Kinetik label. So, stay tuned!


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