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Chapel of Rock Unleashes Rock That Will Not Stop

Chapel of Rock
Alex Veale, the artist behind Chapel of Rock's latest album.

Summer is upon the northern hemisphere, baking the hell out of everyone from Tokyo to Rome. In merry London, however, the temperature gets even higher with the release of Chapel of Rock’s new album Non-Stop Rock: Songs and Instrumentals, loaded with fist-pumping Rock anthems perfect for Sports and promo projects.

The sixty-five-track behemoth of an album composed by mercurial writer, guitarist, and singer Alex Veale, contains nine full mixes with vocals and other versions from instrumentals to underscores to stings perfect for high-octane video content.

Alex performed and recorded the tracks live for Chris Goulstones’ Chapel of Rock label alongside a killer rhythm section of Nick Wilton and Oliver Court. Non-Stop Rock: Songs and Instrumentals is Rock music best served hot and non-stop.

Track Listing (Main Vocal Mixes)

  • “Get Up”

  • “Matter of Time”

  • “Inside Out”

  • “Direction Home”

  • “The Days of the Week”

  • “A New Horizon”

  • “Sing for the People”

  • “Just Lift Me Up”

  • “Devil in the Dust”


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